How to install Pterodactyl Panel

Pterodactyl Game Control Panel.
Pterodactyl does not work on on OpenVZ this due to docker not being able to work correctly on OpenVZ. Tings you will need while installing Pterodactyl using this method. 1. Full root access to your vps. 2. A FQND* example . 3. The administrator email. 4. Time as you don't want to rush things. 5. the script from Lets start. all commands used in this tutorial are used in full root acces. 1. First update your vps.
apt update -y && apt upgrade -y
2. Install curl
apt install curl -y
3. Copy the script from
bash <(curl -sSL
4.This script we are using has multiple options in this case we will be using 5 .
5. Then we choose 1 as its the more stable option for this.
6. Now we will need the administrator email. 7. Now we will also need the FQND* on this domain you will be able to access the pterodactyl panel. 8. The option this script asks now you will need to decide your self. 9. The script ask if you want to apply JavaPipe's kernel configurations here we choose 1
10. Now you get a message `Do not run composer as root/super user! here type
11. mail configuration this is completely up to your liking (if you don't want to configure this press 8 times on enter) 12. Administrator Creation (note these detail down) 13. While we leave the script installing you go to your domain to do some configuration there you need to login there with your Admin user account you made in step 12 14. In the right top corner there are cogs click on these. 15. Now in the left side section go to Locations (you need to have 1 location to make the node) 16. Now we press on Create New and fill the info in 17. Once step 16 is done go to the left section and click on Nodes
18. Here we are going to make a new node (Create New) 19. you can fill in the Name and Description in the section FQND* put in your FQND* you use to connect to the panel ( 20. Node Configuration on the right side of your screen in the Total memory put in the amount of ram your server has (1gb ram = 1024mb) in the over allocation section type 0 Total disk space put in your total amount of available space on your vps (1gb space = 1024mb) Disk Over-Allocation on 0 now you have all these things done press (Create Node) Image: 21. Now we are going to make the ports for the game server these can be if you use it how i put it below you will have 10 ports available. if done press on (submit)
from    -  to    
25565 - 25575
image 22. Now got to the tab Configuration 23. Press on (Generate Token) and copy the configuration token. 24. Now go back to your ssh becouse you have let the instalation run in the back ground it should be done now and should be ready to take the configuration token paste it in your ssh and press enter 25. Once you have done that you need to open the ports you have made in step 21 using command
ufw allow 25565:25575/tcp
ufw allow 25565:25575/udp
26. Now type
27. You when you go back to the nodes section you should see a green hart now image: 28. Now you can make start making servers
FQND means Fully Qualified Domain Name
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